Why did we select humble+fume as our Distribution Partner in Canada?

Why did we select humble+fume as our Distribution Partner in Canada?

There’s a good chance if you follow our social media, you’ve seen us reference a partner of ours, humble+fume. We thought it would make sense to properly introduce you to them and explain what motivated us to work so closely with their team.

About: humble+fume was founded by Kim and Robert Ritchot in 1998 and is Canada’s leading distributor of cannabis accessories. Offering an unbeatable portfolio including more than 10,000 products, insight-based solutions and 20 years of customer service experience. 100% Canadian owned and operated; it provides a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ solution for the full range of accessory needs to government-approved Cannabis Retail Stores, Head Shops and Smoke Shops of all sizes. humble+fume strives to be the first choice for contemporary cannabis retailers.

To dive into why we decided to work with humble+fume, it’s helpful to understand our goal as a company first. Other than being the number one selling Rolling Paper Brand in Canada, the most important part of our what we’re trying to accomplish is our mission, “Rolling for a Cause – One Pack Purchased Equals One Tree Planted”. So we needed a partner that believed in our mission, would be willing to tell our story to retailers and shoppers and distribute our papers across Canada.

Working with a Market Leader

As we mentioned in our introduction to humble+fume, the team has been in action for 20 years and have played a large role in maturing the accessory industry to fit the needs of the contemporary shopper. Over the years, they have curated a leading Accessory Portfolio of accessories and created a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for retailers.

These factors are really important to HAZO, we strongly believe that we have one of the best product offerings and wanted our Papers to be presented with the best-in-class accessories. Furthermore, humble+fume aims to delight shoppers by educating and facilitating a seamless experience from our warehouse to the retail storefront.

Coast-to-Coast Distribution

As much as we love visiting our retail partners and would love to travel coast-to-coast and dispensary-to-dispensary making sales, we simply don’t have the manpower. humble+fume have account managers and sales representatives managing accounts in each province across Canada. This gives us the confidence that they’ll be able to present our Rolling Papers to Cannabis Retails Stores countrywide. If you’re familiar with Jimmy’s Cannabis, you’ve probably seen us on their shelves. humble+fume have also been in the news recently, they were selected as a distribution partner for provincial retailers; Ontario Cannabis Store, NSLC, and PEI Cannabis. National coverage was vital to us in picking a distribution partner and their partnership give us the peace of mind we’re in great hands.

Shopper Level Support

Getting us into the stores is one thing, but having a partner that closes the loop and gets us into the hands of shoppers in even more important. We believe one of the biggest advantages of working with humble+fume is their commitment to in-store education. humble+fume’s customer success team works diligently to educated retail staff on product benefits, but also on how to sell products to the appropriate audience. HAZO Rolling Papers is a mission-based company, so we needed to be confident our distribution partner will teach our story to retailers and ensure it’s properly conveyed within Cannabis Retail Stores.

If you’re interested in learning more about humble+fume or buying Hazo Papers through them please visit https://humbleandfume.com/

Learn more about HAZO Rolling Papers and our mission at  https://hazo.ca/

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