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Our Planting Efforts

Our goal at HAZO Rolling Papers is not only to plant trees, but to assist in alleviating poverty and social issues. Through your support and our awesome partners, we help provide local villagers with employment while contributing to the restoration of once thriving ecosystems!
Our planting efforts will begin in Madagascar where over 90% of its natural forests have been destroyed! Adding to that more than 80% of its fauna is endemic to Madagascar as well as a majority of its animals, they are so close to disappearing forever and that has to be stopped.
After a trip to Madagascar and witnessing first hand the state of its natural resources as well as the quality of life and employment opportunities for locals, our founders knew Madagascar had be HAZO's main site for reforestation and where our efforts could have the most impact on improving peoples lives.
HAZO along with our planting partner Eden Projects, have committed to planting one tree for every pack of HAZO Rolling Papers™ purchased!